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 Chapter one- the start of the beginning of the middle bit of the end....

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PostSubject: Chapter one- the start of the beginning of the middle bit of the end....   Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:59 am

From where I'm sat the story goes.........

I had a 3 series BMW, my brother CupraLee(Leevolution7) had a red mk2 ibiza. I went to a couple of meets with him and met up with loads of people from a seat based forum... mentioning no names. lol. Anyhoo, I decided to buy a mk2 beeza and I signed up to the forum.

Next thing I know is that I'm with my brother at VWNW show, standing under a tree in the pissing down rain cooking bacon butties for everyone on the club stand. lol By the end of the day I was nicknamed "mother". It was at this show that I met Mr Dillo.

I was on the forum for a long time, went to loads of shows, cooked a metric shit load of bacon butties. lol. I was made a Local Host for the forums members in the Manchester area. I already knew a fair few of them from shows and stuff so it was easy to organise more frequent meets. We were known as the Northern Munkies in our region with peeps from my local area being called the Mankie Munkies as we were from Manchester. The name stuck like shit to the proverbial blanket and we went from strength to strength. In the begining there was me, CupraLee, Mr Armadillo, OvniAL, Chaddy & Strike. Between the bunch of us we must have clocked up thousands of Munkie miles, taking in meets all over the country. I myself turned up at a London meet for an hour before now and Mr Dillo and I buggered off to a Bristol meet for tea cos we were bored. Strikey Mikey led a load of us tons of time to Liverpool dock meets and we headed over countless times to Leeds and Sheffield meets.

The Mankie munkies got on great with the Sheff Munkies, Sparky being the Local Host for the area on the forum. Eventually I met with Mr Rage who was the Local Host for the Nottingham area. He came to visit one night purely to be nosey I think and to be honest he never really went home again. lol. So then we had the additions of Sir Sparkster, Mike OBD and Ed Butler from Sheffield and Eternal Rage from Nottingham. When we all went out to meets there were so many yellow seats that we formed the "Flying Banana road formation display team"

The increase in numbers and me and Mr Rage getting engaged seemed to mark the start of a huge falling out on the forum and the Munkies went our seperate way leaving the forum. We've got better and closer to each other even without the help of the forum that got us all together. We've done tons of shows all over the place and after we left the Seat forum, we have been on club stands with Cruise Stockport, M60 Cruisers, SeatCupraNet and Octane Junkies.

Eventually we met Dr Mike who although he didn't own a Seat, he fitted the bill perfectly and we couldn't get rid of him so he joined the Munkie ranks. Fro started coming out to play too and when me, Dillo, Sparky and Rage went on the Speedball rally, Fro came too and another Munkie was born. lol. Our latest additions are LauziePoos and Kyle. Kyle has always been around us, going to cruises with us and is a sound fella. Lauz is a little gem, always a good laugh and has always been Munkie potential.

Then came the Radja break up... This took it's toll on the Munkies in a devastating way. As Rage and I parted company, so did some of the Munkies. As in every break up, people can't sit on the fence ignoring what's going on, especially when it involves two of their mates. So to those people, thank you for some good times. All good things come to an end. Have a nice life, enjoy, eat drink and be merry.

This forum has been created for the Munkies and all their friends and by god have we met some awesome people along the way. We have good relations with loads of other forums and car groups and we've been about at cruises and meets all over the place.

So where do the Munkies go from here???? Well, only time will tell I guess. Gone are the days of a closed and small group, bring on the days with new Munkie members and more good times to be had.

The Munkies will always have a special place in my heart. They are without question some of the most interesting people I have ever met and I am very proud to have associated myself with them.

Bring on the new Munkie era..... watch this space....

So there you have it..... the story according to Mummy Munkie

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Chapter one- the start of the beginning of the middle bit of the end....
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